NEWS Satteltaschen-GepÀckstaschen-Packtaschen, Information, schwarz mit Fransen, schwarz mit Eagle braun
NEWS saddlebags-panniers-panniers, information, black with fringes, black with eagle

Saddlebags – luggage carrier bags – panniers – are attached to a saddle.

How do you assemble, what should you watch out for? tips and tricks

They are available for different types of motorcycle. There are several types of saddlebags – e.g. for bicycles, pack animals and some more.
But we would like to stay with motorsport and inform you in order to avoid a bad buy.

The saddlebags – luggage carrier bags – panniers – are attached to the saddle of the motorcycle.
There are punched holes on the top to adjust the width for the bike.
A leather strap is pulled through the punched holes, thereby connecting the saddlebags to each other on the motorcycle –
it is precisely attached to the motorcycle.
On the back of the saddlebags there is a metal ring to stabilize the saddlebags again.

The bags are usually used to take additional equipment such as vehicle tools and V-belts.
On a tour, however, underwear, toothbrush and personal care items are packed.

If you are interested and want more knowledge – click on the link to Wikipedia 🙂


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