Effortless wellness & hygiene for your feet – TERRA cinnamon soles
– 70 grams of high quality Ceylon cinnamon per pair kills bacteria and prevents foot odor
– Viruses and fungi have no chance either: foot / nail fungus and warts are avoided
– pure natural product made of cotton and high quality Ceylon cinnamon
– Can also be used as barefoot insoles, for example in moccasins or ballerinas
– Cinnamon regulates the moisture and the sensation of heat in the shoe
– Activation and stimulation of blood circulation
– high quality workmanship and easy to maintain
– 3 months of reliable shoe and foot hygiene

Contact details:
TERRA cinnamon soles – Elke Hutter

Mühlweg 24/1
8073 Feldkirchen

Mobile: 0660/1606464

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